Be The Best You Can be with 1:1 Coaching from Lori

Harness the power of your hard work with your personal fundraising coach. You'll stay focused AND meet (or exceed!) your goals

How to Be The BEST You Can Be?

It's time to get real.

Do you feel like you know the exact next step to reach your fundraising goals?

If not, I'm here to help.

You have a passion for your work and changing the world one child, student, family, veteran, frail elder, research project, clean river, adopted pet, new law a time.

AND there are days you feel you CAN'T keep up with the tasks on your plate.

You're smart, you work hard, you have a good heart, but most of your donors don't give more and many don't stay giving.

The simple solution? Don't do it alone.

I, too, feel isolated and lonely when I don't get feedback and advice from people I can trust.

You've been wishing for someone to share your frustrations with, who will offer real, actionable advice about any aspect of your job and the good news is...

That's exactly why I'm here!


4 - One-on-One

1-hour Sessions

PLUS access to more than 40 hours of recorded web class training's

($2600 value)


  • Four hours of 1:1 time!

  • I'll answer your questions about anything.

  • I'll even proof copy, review speeches, help with an appeal letter ...I'm here for YOU.

  • We'll schedule your 4 sessions all at once. Usually on same day of week for all 4 sessions.

  • Coaching is delivered via webcam.

  • You'll get a link to download a replay of each session so you don't have to take tons of notes.

  • You'll BE supported and feel less alone.

  • You WILL raise more money!

The truth is, in the past, when I'd think about doing something for myself I'd find a way to talk myself OUT of it. Not enough time, money, I already have too much to do. You get the picture?

What I found is when I invested in someone to be there for ME - I was MORE productive.

It's that simple.

Sometimes my "person" reminds me to stop working. Or has the perfect tech solution for me. No matter what we talk about I get outside my comfort zone so I can be my best self.

Three years ago I stopped doing one-on-one coaching.

Because I've missed it, I opened up 1:1 coaching on an "invitation only" basis.

This is YOUR time to invest in yourself.

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